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آيا قطره بيني كلرورسديم باعث ايجاد فشارخون دركودكي خواهد شد؟

پاسخ:نقش مصرف بالاي سديم دردوران ابتدايي زندگي و ارتباط آن بابروز فشارخون كاملا شناخته شده است.امادراين خصوص نيزبه مقاله و مطلبي برنخورده ام.گويي كه غلظت پايين نمك موجود دركلرور سديم و دفعات وميزان محدوداستفاده ازآن همگان را متقاعد كرده باشدكه بين ايندو ارتباطي نيست.اما بازتاكيد ميكنم كه كودكان را بايد درمصرف زياد موادخوردني نمكي مثل انواع چيپسها و پفك،خيارشور و امثالهم محدود كردتا درآينده تاوان آنرا به صورت مصرف مزمن داروهاي ضدفشارخون و عوارض آن نپردازند.


Unfortunately, a simple approach to assessment of the degree of sensitivity to sodium is not available for use in the clinical setting.Infancy may be an important period in relation to dietary sodium. Hofman et al. conducted a randomized trial of sodium reduction in infants. They found a small but statistically significant reduction in blood pressure at 6 months of age. This difference was diminished at 1 year of age after the intervention had ceased. However, a follow-up study was done when the subjects reached age 15. The low-sodium group had significantly lower blood pressure than the normal-sodium group, despite the fact that the intervention had not been continued through childhood .There have been few studies of restriction of dietary sodium in pediatric patients with hypertension. These studies have yielded conflicting results, with some showing an effect and others showing no effect. This may be in part due to the heterogeneity of response to dietary sodium and the inability to identify individuals who are more salt sensitive. It may also be due to difficulty in adherence to a low-salt diet.

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